Padlock FAQs

The Quicklock will have a warranty period of 1 year from the date the unit is shipped.
The return policy will be for a period of 30 days from when the unit ships. Customer will be responsible for return shipping and handling to our facility. The Quicklock must be returned back to us in brand new pristine condition. A partial refund will be given if scratched, dented or damaged. An RMA number must be issued in order to return your product. Please email customer service at to request an RMA number.
The Quicklock opens using Bluetooth capabilities within your smartphone. An app can be downloaded to connect with The Quicklock. Wireless RFiD keys are also available in the form of a ring, wristband, label or a FOB. The Quicklock-Padlock comes standard with 1 RFiD Key Card + 1 FOB. Other RFiD keys can be purchased separately.
Yes, you can use one RFiD card, FOB, wristband, ring or label to open numerous Quicklocks. Also, numerous RFiD keys can also be programmed to open one Quicklock as well. A good example is one for each of your children or roommates.
Yes, numerous wireless RFiD keys can also be programmed to open one Quicklock-Padlock.
The Quicklock uses ISO15693 at 13.56Mhz for the tags and reader. These are industry standard tags, but they are not the most common type of RFiD chip technology available. We suggest purchasing all RFiD accessories from The Quicklock website as these tags and rings work seamlessly with our products. For more information, please contact customer support. Contact info can be found under the "Contact Us" tab.
The Quicklock comes with an internal, Lithium Polymer battery. On a full charge, the battery will last up to 2 years.
YES - The Wireless RFiD keys are waterproof. They are also Durable and No Battery is required!
No, The Wireless RFiD keys do not need a battery source to function.
If you have a Question about The Quicklock, please email us at and we will answer you right away. And it may even make it to our FAQ page!
We will add additional FAQs soon!
YES, the same type of RF key technology that is enabled within the GunBox can be used to open the Padlock & Doorlock
Currently iPhone and Android smartphones have NFC "Reading" capabilities but cannot emulate (copy) a NFC tag. Our understanding is that the technology is within the smartphone but the protocol has not been opened. We will post any updates on our website in the future.
You must have a smartphone that has Bluetooth 4.0 installed. Older versions of Bluetooth will not work.
The Padlock shackle measures the following: Shackle - .28” Height – 3.78” Width – 2.37” Depth – 1.3”
The app is available on the Apple store as well as Google Store under "TheQuicklock."
The Padlock battery can be recharged using a standard MicroUSB cable plugged into an USB powered outlet such as a power supply, laptop, or car charger.
A red light will start blinking when the charge on the battery drops below 40%. This gives you ample time to charge the battery. once a full charge is reached, the red light will remain solid. (Keep in mind, the red light turns off once the MicroUSB cable had been disconnected from a power source!)
If padlock won't open due to battery power then plug in any standard MicroUSB cable for a few minutes. This will charge the Padlock enough to remove it from its location. We recommend charging the padlock for 2 hours in order to reach a full charge. Once a full charge is reached, the Red light will no longer blink.
Programming a new RFiD tag is a snap! Use the current programmed RFiD tag to open the padlock by pressing the power button and waving the tag over the Q. pull up on the padlock shackle to open the lock. Once opened, immediately press the button and wave the new RFiD tag over the Q. The new RFiD tag can now be used to open the padlock.
It is not possible to delete just 1 key. One must clear all tags and reprogram the tags you want to keep. As a default, the last tag that is used to open the lock will not be removed - DIRECTIONS: 1. Open the Quicklock app and connect to the padlock. 2. Hold down the button on the padlock for 5 seconds. 3. The light on the padlock with blink indicating that the memory has been cleared. 4. You can now reprogram any keys you wish.
1. Use the Bluetooth 4.0 app, fob, card o ring to activate the lock. 2. Immediately PRESS the button while the light is still illuminated. 3. Push the button again. The light should now be blinking. 4. Take your new card, fob or ring and hold it by the "Q" emblem on the front of the padlock. Once programmed, the light on the padlock will blink rapidly and then turn off. 5. Now test the programming by pressing the button and waving your tag over the "Q." The Padlock will open if the tag has been successfully programmed.
The Padlock will hold up to 50 RFiD keys.
There is no limit as to how many smartphones with Bluetooth 4.0 can connect to the padlock.
After your phone connects, simply push the auto-unlock button to turn it off.
To change the password, Connect to the app and press the settings cog located in the bottom right of the app. Once in settings, Click "edit password." It is recommended that you visit our tutorials section and watch The Padlock tutorials.
To change the name of the padlock, connect to the app and press the settings cog located in the bottom right of the app. Once in settings, Click "edit name." It is recommended that you visit our tutorials section and watch The Padlock tutorials.
The history log is located in the settings menu. Please see our tutorial section for more information on The Padlock's "advanced features."
Upon initial setup of the padlock you must hit the “Add Lock” button. After the initial setup, simply connect by pushing the button on the padlock and opening the Quicklock app. Please see our tutorial section more more information on connecting the Bluetooth 4.0 app to The Padlock for the first time.
The auto unlock feature works while the app is running in the background of an Android but it won’t work on the iPhone consistently. iPhone apps do not run in the background like they do on Android. With iPhone, you must physically open TheQuicklock app and press "unlock." We are looking for a solution to this issue and will post an updated app once done.
The Padlock will function between the following: Celsius: -22C to 65C Fahrenheit: -7F to 150F
The app is only available for smartphones using Android or iOS platforms. Windows enabled phones are not supported at this time.