Delivery Information

General Policies
All orders must be processed before they can ship. The total shipping time is divided into two parts: processing time and delivery time.
Total Shipping Time = Processing Time + Shipping Time

Processing time: from your payment received date to the order pick-up. (Approx 2 working days. Excludes weekends)
Delivery time: this time is actual shipping time, the time that couriers take to send the packages to your address. You can choose standard or expedited shipping methods.
Delivery time depends on the shipping zone.
For USA normal shipping time is 2-7 days.
For International normal shipping time is 4-10 days.

Delivery of Multiple Shipments
In order to deliver your order as quickly as possible, The Quicklock may ship items that are in stock immediately, and other items that are out of stock or backordered separately. This will not increase your shipping charges.  

* Tracking #'s Available: Tracking numbers should be emailed automatically. If you did not receive a tracking number please email/call us with your name and order number and one will be emailed back within 36 hours if it has shipped from our facility.

Lost or Delayed Shipments: Please keep in mind the delivery time for your package. If you feel that your package is delayed or there have been any problems, please call or email( AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

Wrong Addresses or Delivery Information: Please be sure to enter in your correct address for shipments including apartment, suite and floor numbers. If this information is not provided to us accurately, the shipping carrier will not be able to deliver your package until we provide them with this information.