About Us

The creators of The QuickLock have been designing and manufacturing products since 1990.

Ryan Hyde has been inventing, designing, and manufacturing products since 1990. Whether pushing the G force limits on roller coasters, strengthening nuclear facility alarm systems, or normalizing hyper sensitive medical equipment, Ryan’s expertise and experience is vast and significant.

Over the course of his career, Ryan and his team have developed worldwide relationships with part suppliers and manufacturing partners. With numerous trips around the world, Ryan has streamlined the overseas manufacturing process and perfected using a mix of local and off shore suppliers. He delivers multiple products to his clients with quality and consistency.

After successfully launching multiple companies over the past 10 years, Ryan started his own engineering firm named RPH Engineering, LLC in 2009. RPH Engineering focuses on unique products that push the limits of engineering and design. RPH Engineers helps their customer’s designs become a reality while also designing and inventing products internally.

Over the last few years Ryan has been working to bring the idea of a safe gun-storage system to life. He knew he wanted the system to look good enough to be displayed openly and easily opened with RF technology.

After multiple years of success, he is proud to introduce The QuickLock.